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Cyberpunk 2077’s 2.0 overhaul included major updates to hacking, and with that comes changes to cyberdecks themselves.

These 4 cyberdecks are – in my opinion – the best in Cyberpunk 2077’s 2.0 update, but keep in mind it will also depend heavily on your playstyle; there is no singular best cyberdeck for all players.

With that out of the way, let’s break down the list!

The best cyberdeck for stealth: Arasaka

The Arasaka is made for a stealth hacker build; It’s available early in the game and has solid bonuses.

The tier 2 and 5 trace time bonuses are going to be of limited usefulness given that you should be using Sonic Shock as the first quickhack, but in the case of handling smaller NYPD side hustles you can use this one, since you should be able to eliminate most foes before they trace you.

The RAM bonus with takedowns is less useful, but can occasionally be good in the early game before you unlock overclock.

The best cyberdeck for early sustained damage output: Biotech Σ

If you’re less concerned about stealth, the Biotech Σ can crank out some serious ongoing damage in the early game.

The core goal with using the Biotech Σ is to increase tick damage and extend DOT effects; You also get extra synergy with the monowire, which is a great piece of arm cyberware that pairs well with combat-oriented hacker builds (especially in Phantom Liberty).

Literally every tier with this cyberdeck is a good one if you’re focused on raw damage output.

The best non-specialized cyberdeck: NetWatch Netdriver

If you can’t decide on a single playstyle for a hacker build (or are doing a mix playstyle build that includes hacking), the NetWatch Netdriver is a good choice.

It’s bonuses allow you to gain some benefits of stealthy playthroughs – like reduction in trace time when hacking through cameras, and damage bonuses when uploaded via cameras/devices – while also reducing the cost of quickhacking devices and vehicles.

The reduction to device/vehicle quickhacks is particularly useful; vehicle quickhacks are expensive, and if you are grinding out some car pickup missions for The Captain, you might want to consider taking this cyberdeck with you.

The end-game pure hacker cyberdeck: Militech Canto

The Militech Canto is obtained by making some less than savory choices in the Phantom Liberty questline, but it’s singular effect – unlocking the Blackwall Gateway quickhack – opens up the possibility of the highest damage output in the game.. Assuming you’ve got the build for it.

I’ll avoid spoilers here, but you’ll need to focus on having a variety of specific cyberware and a focus on both body and intelligence in order to make the most of this cyberdeck.

With the right build you can completely destroy large crowds of enemies and just keep going by relying on Overclock plus RAM and health recovery.

I will note that a stealth hacker build can typically perform better in most cases with a willingness to slow down in the late game without requiring a lot of specialization, and there is certainly the possibility that the build required to make this cyberdeck win so hard may be nerfed down the road.