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I’m not feeling well today, but I had to share some quick thoughts on the latest AC Mirage trailer featuring real gameplay (and it was a hard decision to cover this or Squirrel with a Gun, honestly).

First, the gameplay trailer:

Overall, we see good classic stealth, how the marksman enemy type works, some special abilities and tools (many of which seem to borrow from modern AC games), and in general a positive – if a little predictable – game.

Look: If you’re expecting Ubisoft to truly innovate in any sort of big way in this day in age, you’re going to be disappointed. Every move they make is calculated to be the least offensive option as much as possible (although Breakpoint definitely failed in that regard). However, in this case, blending the best of both old and new AC means you get a game that’s most likely going to be a fun diversion. Not a game of the year, but not a stinker..