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Seeing as how GGN is still pretty small fry, I was unable to secure a review copy of AC Valhalla.. Thankfully, plenty of others great sites have had time to review the game. Rock Paper Shotgun has a great (if somewhat short) review to get you started until I can invest some time into the game myself starting tomorrow, and will cover the stealth in detail. Until then, here’s this tidbit:

You can tilt Eivor towards melee, ranged or stealth, but really you’re going to need to put a chunk into melee. There are levels where you’re called upon to save or assassinate a target, and it feels like an early AC game as you sneak around with your hood up, being all casual as you find a way in to a storehouse or a church. But if you don’t pour some levelling effort into melee, you’re going to have a harder time.

-Rock Paper Shotgun