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With Cyberpunk 2077 coming soon, I’m not going to have a lot of time to invest in guides for AC: Valhalla. Instead, I’ll be periodically tossing in guides from other content creators whom I’ve always found to be good sources.

Today we’re looking at the best skills to unlock early in AC: Valhalla. JorRaptor, a fantastic guide creator, has put together a great analysis of a number of skills/abilities that you should definitely look at.

I do disagree with Breakfall, however; it’s more of a late-game skill for me. Sprint Attack is in the same boat; It’s got limited utility compared to others, only really being truly useful for stealth-focused playthroughs during boss fights in my opinion.

Arrow Reinforcement is alright if you plan on focusing on archery, but honestly, I rarely did, preferring to get up-close-and-personal and stabby with most foes, only using my bow in limited circumstances.