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Do you use an ad blocker? That’s OK, I get it. The bulk of ads through AdSense are pretty.. Eh. Especially related to gaming. Sometimes some good ones come through, but not enough for you to feel safe turning off your ad blocker.

Still, you’d like to support your favorite websites, right?

Well, now you have a way.. And you can get some cool swag in the process.

Ghost Gamer Merch – which has just one piece available as of publishing – is art and more for fans of Ghost Gamer News (or just stealth/sniper/tactical games).

Even buying the smallest print size of “The Ghost” helps out more than a click on an ad by a significant margin, which is really important right now.


Because Ghost Gamer News is getting a little to big for the hosting it’s on!

We’re at the point to where I get so much traffic here that performance is beginning to suffer, which means we need to upgrade website hosting.

At current ad revenue we’ve got enough to cover the existing hosting plan, but we need to upgrade.. So, if I sell just a handful of even the smallest prints of “The Ghost”, we’ll be able to upgrade to higher tier of website hosting.. Which means faster load times for you!

Even better: If merch becomes popular enough, I will consider ditching all network advertising and do direct, personally approved sponsorships (and no, that won’t include Vessi or

In case you want more, check out Pain Propaganda for more art, merch and music by WFL.