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Somehow this slipped right past me. I had been waiting for some word on what was happening with the VR Assassin’s Creed title that was announced years ago; the Splinter Cell title was apparently cancelled, so I had assumed the same would happen to the AC title.

As it turns out, they are actually actively promoting it now, and we have some details about the game.

We’re looking at engagements more akin to classic AC, using 3 popular characters from the series: Ezio, Kassandra, and Connor.

Supposedly you’ll be able to do parkour, combat, and utilize the hidden blade in the VR title, but without any actual video of gameplay, I’m going to call it reasonably sus given Ubisoft’s track record as of late.

I most likely won’t be playing it; VR is still much too expensive, and I’m less inclined to utilize a VR device that requires me to hopefully survive the the whims of Facebook moderation, basically bricking it if I lose access to my account that I barely even want to keep (I’m old and it’s about the only way I can keep in touch with the folks from my childhood who are still alive and relatively sane).

Still, if you’re curious, there’s more details about the title on the AC Nexus VR website. It comes out some time in 2023; no actual month, or even quarter, has been announced yet.