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It’s Monday, which means another Far Cry 6 Black Market Update! Today’s update has one solid buy, one “ok” buy, and one definite “do not buy”. It also seems to have the Eastern Front yet again, which is always a good grab if you don’t have it.

“Libertad Custom” SVD

If you prefer to have a higher rate of fire in your sniper rifle, this is going to be a solid purchase. It’s damage isn’t that much lower than the other rifles, but allows for faster follow-up shots.

MK VII Tac Goggles

These are of limited utility, but still somewhat useful. If you can’t get everybody marked in a region this head piece can ensure you stay aware of foes around you at night.

Finally, they do have an overclocked Fourth Echelon-themed MP7, but it’s one of those that just doesn’t offer any benefit over the standard MP7 (which is a part of my best standard weapons in Far Cry 6 guide), so don’t waste your Moneda (it does just a hair less damage, even with the OC mod).

That’s it! If you’re looking at this too far in the future, you might want to check and see if I’ve got more recent updates for the FC6 black market here!