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With Pride month well underway, I wanted to do my part to help promote LGBTQ+ charities.

There are a wide variety of gamers out there who know what it is like to be shunned, experience hate, and feel like they can’t be who they really are. I just want you to know that GGN loves you, whether you are out or not. I want it to be known that GGN is all about inclusivity, and will ALWAYS be about inclusivity. As someone who falls under the LGBTQ+ banner, I feel it is absolutely critical to help stem the tide of pain from those who are persecuted simply for whom they love. Whether you are out or not, you should feel welcome here.

With that, I’d like to draw attention to 2 charities in particular that I would ask you donate to.

First, the HRC Foundation is a great broad-strokes charity for LGBTQ people. They fight for proper treatment of not just those of us under the LGBTQ banner, but also those who are further marginalized.

Second is the Point Foundation. This one is especially relevant to me; When I was in college, 2 of my roommates and one close friend were gay. My roommates were able to hide it well, but my close friend ended up getting “asked to leave” after being outed. The Point Foundation helps ensure LGBTQ people the chance to attend and succeed in higher education.

If you can’t donate, please consider sharing these charities, and others, during Pride month. While we should be cognizant of ALL marginalized people every day, Pride is a month of awareness celebrated by many, which means visibility is going to be much higher!