THANKS FOR THE CLICKS: Ghost Gamer News is no longer publishing new content. Read More

Hey there Ghosts! Welcome to the new & improved GGN website. You reading this means that I’m officially back from “vacation” (which was really just me spending my free time coding this). New content will start being written again at the usual frequency, so check back often!

Here’s some of the new features you can expect to enjoy with Ghost Gamer News.

Find new games with the games list

The Games List is finally live; this is a “phase 1” version; in the years to come, as more games are covered by GGN, this will be improved, but given the current coverage GGN is capable of offering I wanted to get it out sooner rather than later so we can determine usefulness overall and figure out what you might want from it in the future.

Anyway, this feature outlines games that GGN has covered, including the amount & type of content produced. Most notably I also designate “cornerstone” games (ones where I invest more time on guides and the like) with a skull next to the name.

On top of that, I also provide quick & easy access to reviews and guides for each game from the game list.

Get content about your favorite games with game landing pages

Each game now also has a dedicated landing page that will, at the very least, provide an archive for content I’ve produced for it. Not all games currently have an archive, but any I felt were deserving of it (or that will get future coverage) got one.

Cornerstone games get a more detailed archive, including a game description and quick review score.

Find out what’s trending on the homepage!

The homepage has also received a massive overhaul (obviously, since you’re reading this); the top section shows the latest posts. After that I will feature game content for popular and new releases in special sections; this will change regularly, so be sure to keep an eye on the homepage if you are looking for something new to play.

This homepage was the reason I took a vacation; the old homepage wasn’t performant (another big improvement with the redesign), was buggy, and had features hardly anybody made use of. This new one is much more useful in my opinion.

That’s it! Let me know if you find any bugs and I’ll get them fixed ASAP!