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The fans asked, and Sucker Punch answered. Ghost of Tsushima is getting a New Game+ mode, and I for one am incredibly excited (and exhausted – too many new games coming over the next few months that deserve my attention) to get back to Japan and show the Mongols what I learned at summer camp.

The mechanics of Ghost of Tsushima’s New Game+ are actually fairly unique; you’ll get dropped into the world after your first fight with Khan, and then it’s off to the races to collect all sorts of new goodies. If you’ve already earned a reward in the storyline, you’ll instead get special Ghost flowers that can be redeemed for unique cosmetic rewards or new charms.

Speaking of charms, they are also adding a much-requested feature: Armor Loadouts. With this, you’ll be able to assign specific charms to specific armor sets, meaning no longer will you spend a few minutes prepping for a duel by swapping out charms and armor. You just select your armor set, and boom, you’re ready for the fight.

Ghost of Tsushima’s Armor Loadout system

While it’s a great addition, I’d rather be able to assign everything to a loadout, allowing me to use the same armor for different setups, but it’s a minor detail.

Of course, if you’re into coop play, there is also the new Legends game that owners of GoT will get for free (requires a PS Plus subscription). I’m on the fence about it, myself; I generally prefer to play solo most of the time (no matter how many times I say it, I tell my lawn guy I want to hide in the tall grass, but the city will complain apparently), and the new Legends gameplay requires you team up with people.

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