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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a fun game for snipers. With the weapons and customization, you’ve got a lot of choices you can make. Sure, you can’t really hit much by yourself outside of around 550-600m due to draw distance restrictions, but the bullet drop and limited zoom optics still creates a fun challenge for snipers.

This guide covers multiple sniper rifles and DMRs, demonstrating with a handy bullet drop chart (overlaid on corresponding reticles) for the best combinations of rifles, skills, attachments and optics. Feel free to save these images, but don’t forget to bookmark this page! As new combinations come out (through new rifles, new attachments, or new functionality in attachments) this guide will be updated.

Let’s start with the VC16 reticle.

VC16 bullet drop chart

with the MK14, Scorpio Scout, G28 and M110 DMRs

The VC16 is a relatively recent addition in optics, featuring a variable zoom. Note that this bullet drop chart is only valid when zoomed in at 6x; since Breakpoint doesn’t offer first focal plane optics, that’s the only way it’ll be useful for bullet drop. Be sure to note the equipment & skills in the upper-left of the image!

TARS101 Bullet Drop Chart

with the Recon A1 sniper rifle and MK17 Scout DMR

Bullet drop chart for the Recon A1 and MK17 Scout

The TARS101 only offers a 5x zoom, but it also has the most useful reticle even when not using it as a true bullet drop compensator. You can see that this allows you to make simple use of the Recon A1 out to 700m easily; while you won’t be hitting NPCs solo from that range, you can hit some fixed emplacements (such as turrets and power generators) at that range.

T5XI bullet drop chart

with the MSR

The T5XI historically has been the best optic as far as sight-picture and zoom range, and now we finally have a rifle that works well with the reticle as a bullet drop compensator (the MSR). While shooting past 600m is a challenge, you’ll rarely need to do so (nor will you be able to for soft targets).

RU Long-Range FOV Sight Bullet Drop Chart

with the VSK-50

The VSK-50 is the first rifle to give us the chance at using the RU Long Range FOV Sight for a bullet drop compensator. While it’s not perfect, it is fairly close, and if you’d like to play with more Russian gear in Breakpoint, this will be your combination!