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In a vein not dissimilar from games such as Payday, this PvPvE game pits you against a faceless noble group hoarding wealth in order to steal back the riches of the people, a la Robin Hood. What makes it unique, however, is you’re not the only thief crew in town, and you’re not exactly on friendly terms with the others.

Not a lot can really be said about the mechanics here; The concept of multiplayer stealth is a challenge to do, but in this case, you’re really working stealthily against the AI, and it can be said that the other band of thieves should be able to be a little more aware anyway.

Still, you have to wonder.. Will this be going the same route as other online competitive games, encouraging rushed behavior to reach an objective before your opponents? Cheesing the mechanics and breaking immersion (we’ve come a long way from bunny hopping and circle strafing) is something I’m sure we’ll have to deal with.

And, beyond that.. We’re really not seeing a whole lot of detail here. Break into castle X and steal Y before team Z. It’s basically capture the flag or king of the hill, but with “stealth” against the AI faction.

I personally tend to avoid multiplayer for just these reasons. There’s strategy, and then there is “do everything to win at all costs”. Of course, I’m not talking about cheating (although that is an industry all to itself in online competitive gaming), but pushing to explore gameplay methods outside what is designed to the point to where it seems ridiculous. Sure, I can applaud the creativity of those who discover these mechanics, but what if I just want to casually enjoy an immersive romp as a robber for the people?

Only time will tell.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is slated to come out in 2021 for PC, XONE, PS4, PS5, XSX.