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I’m giving Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts yet another shot (pun intended); Every time I settle down to play it, I get disappointed.

Not in the shooting mechanics; actually, I’m enjoying them and the challenge they provide over previous magic-dot systems. No, my gripe is that the game shouldn’t even carry the word “Sniper” in the title, and should instead be “Designated Marksman Ghost Warrior Contracts”.

“But why? You’ve got a sniper rifle, and get to make cool bullet-cam shots!”

Sure, you can.. But that’s not all a sniper is.

Typically, a sniper shoots out to ranges 600m and well beyond. Below 600m, you’re looking at designated marksman territory.

For those of you who played SGW Contracts, let me ask you this: How many shots did you make beyond 600m? Not many, I’m guessing. I’ve actually only read about a few limited situations where you’re given that opportunity.

These ranges are a common experience in SGW Contracts

Still, I’m going to finally finish the game. I start over from the beginning each time, but this time, I really will finish it. I promise. Maybe. Ok, maybe I just need to treat it like a stealth game with “sniper” gameplay instead of the reverse.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 really had the feel of a sniper game; you could take some seriously long range shots thanks to the large open map. Sure, it had it’s bugs, and the story was pretty flat, but honestly.. So is the story for SGW Contracts. It’s just broken up into different environments with more variety in the objectives and dialog (SGW 3 had atrocious dialog and storytelling, so beating it isn’t really that big of an accomplishment).

I’m much too late to make this gripe, however; with SGW Contracts 2 coming (presumably) within the next 3-4 months, they won’t have much opportunity to appease people like me. As well, I honestly didn’t see many complaints about it from the fanbase. People were talking as if 700m shots were a big deal.

I guess they’ve never really played SGW 3, then.