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Stray captured my curiosity a while back when I heard about it: A game where you played as a cat in a cyberpunk city without shooting, stabbing, and generally only being a nuisance as much as a cat can.

You can think of it as a sort of Cyberpunk 2077/Dying Light meets Untitled Goose Game. Check out the release trailer below.

Overall the game looks pretty good, and now we have an equally good release date: July 19th.

Watching the trailer, I’m impressed at how polished it’s looking. The movement appears to be fairly solid, but only actual time spent with controller in hand will tell. The environments look suitably detailed, especially given your perspective is much lower than a traditional human’s.

I’m curious how the verticality and general exploration will play out: If we’re limited to extremely tight & specific paths, or if we can make more of our own way.

Even better, Stray has a pre-order discount of 10%. Given that it isn’t a AAA major launch title, that also means it’s base price is only $29.99 USD.

Get it on steam or at the PlayStation store.