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Finally! PC users can enjoy The Last of Us gameplay for real, rather than holding a controller while watching the TV series on HBO.

Somewhere around 10 AM CST the game will go live; preloading is already available, so if you’re anxious to play it as soon as you can you’ll need to preorder it; I will be reviewing it here, though, so if you’re patient and want my focused review on the stealth gameplay on PC, hold off for a bit. It’ll happen.

There’s some interesting aspects to this release, however; most screenshots show “Captured on PS5”.. Aside from 2.

One of two screenshots captured on PC
The second – and last – screenshot captured on PC

Of course, most of the videos are all captured on PC, so concerns that something hinky is going on is somewhat lessened.. Although video compression makes concerns about actual graphical fidelity reasonable.

I will note that the game is listed as being Steam Deck ready, so performance should be fairly reasonable.

I’m betting that if you’ve played this on PS5, you’ll probably want to pass on the PC version unless you really, REALLY like mouse & keyboard controls.

I’ll try to get first impressions put together within a day or two of release, and will most likely stream it this weekend!