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We’re about to see a number of good improvements to AC Valhalla before the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC, especially for stealthy players. While they previously patched a number of issues related to stealth, there were a few little quirks that might interrupt your flow. Here’s the relevant section from the patch notes:

  • AI reaction to whistle improved.
  • Players get detected by enemies when using environmental traps.
  • Wild animals detecting Eivor regardless of distance/angle and alerting nearby NPCs.
  • NPCs disengaging from conflicts extremely quickly.
  • Enemy detection cones reducing when using a bow.
  • Monks having difficulty to leave the music crowd stations in the quest Taken (Kidnap Estrid).

You can view the full patch notes here. There’s a lot beyond the stealth fixes above, so definitely give it a read-through.

What is interesting is how Dawn of Ragnarok will include a new assassination method involving the raven.. I hadn’t expected stealth to have any part of that DLC, but color me surprised. Let’s hope that carries over into the main game in some form after you complete it.

The timing couldn’t be worse, however, with it now competing against both Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring.

Dawn of Ragnarok releases on March 10th.