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Last night I streamed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (which you can watch the recording of here); I had planned to stream Breakpoint and chat about Elden Ring, but that didn’t happen because of Ubisoft glitches. Anyway, the stream went magically well; I didn’t die even once, which is.. Unheard of for me and souls-likes.

Today I installed yet another update to my PS4 and then loaded up Ghost of Tsushima, only to get a little bored with it after a few minutes.. And then I saw the promo to grab Horizon Forbidden West.

I wasn’t planning on getting it initially; with Dying Light 2 before and Elden Ring after, when was I going to have time to play it?

Well, with Dying Light 2 being a flop for GGN, it occurred to me.. I’m going to hate Elden Ring if all I do is play that constantly for the next few weeks with nothing to break up my frustrations when I die too much.

Souls-likes and I rarely completely get along; Sekiro is awesome, and one of my favorite games, but I’ve never gotten very far (in fact, I progressed further in the stream than I did anywhere else, and I was basically starting right after the prologue).

Elden Ring offers me more opportunities via it’s open world so I can avoid too many bosses until I get enough levels & gear to move forward a little more comfortably, but I have know doubt that I will hate boss fights like Margit like I hate them in all Souls-likes games.

So, instead I will work on reviewing both Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring at the same time; Elden Ring gets my main focus, but HFW will be my “stress relief” game.

We’ll see how that works out come Thursday at 11 PM CST.