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10/4/2020, 8:38

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Sniper Rifle Reviews

Nearly every sniper rifle in Breakpoint, evaluated for range, damage and sound detection range!

10/4/2020, 8:27

Ghost Recon Breakpoint DMR reviews

Nearly every DMR in Breakpoint, evaluated for range, damage and sound detection range!

9/23/2020, 5:49

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Pathfinder vs. Sharpshooter

Which class is best for a sniper playthrough in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

9/19/2020, 20:05

Breakpoint Designated Marksman Guide

Find out what the best DMRs are in Breakpoint and how to play a designated marksmen effectively

9/5/2020, 8:24

Breakpoint Sniper Guide Part 3: Classes & Skills

What are the best classes & skills for a sniper in Breakpoint? Let's find out. (UPDATED 9/23/2020)

8/30/2020, 15:48

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Immersive Sniper Guide

Want to get a more realistic sniper experience in Breakpoint? Here’s your guide.

8/29/2020, 15:57

Breakpoint Sniper Guide Part 2: Rifles & Damage

(UPDATED 9/19/20) Comparing every DMR and sniper rifle's damage, plus handy bullet drop references

8/28/2020, 18:06

The Best Gaming Headsets for Stealth Games

Headsets for stealth gaming is critical; these are our recommendations (as of August 2020)!

8/22/2020, 19:22

Breakpoint Sniper Guide Part 1: Ranging & Bullet Drop

(UPDATED 9/19/20) Where to range your rifle and how to plan for bullet drop, as well as attachment choices for snipers

8/8/2020, 18:11

Ghost of Tsushima Terror Stealth Build

Embrace stealth and the unique terror mechanics with this GoT build

6/23/2020, 18:03

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Top 3 Sniper Rifles

Snipe like a pro in Breakpoint with these rifles

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