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Hey there Ghosts, it’s finally the weekend yet again. The last weekend we’ll have before almost all of us will be playing Cyberpunk 2077 (aside from those who are already playing due to a retailer SNAFU).

This weekend I’ll be playing Among Us with friends and coworkers for charity! We’re just doing a small streaming setup with 3 lobbies, but if we get all the kinks worked out it might be something we do again on a larger scale.

Besides that, I think I’m stepping away from AC: Valhalla for a bit. While I initially liked it, as I played, I found myself not quite being as enamored.

Something similar happened with me and AC: Origins, so I expect my interest to come back later (hopefully some of the bugs will be patched by then).

Instead, I think I’m going to play s’more Ghost of Tsushima, and maybe even some Metal Gear Solid V.

What will YOU be playing this weekend?