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Don’t want to watch the video? No problem! Here’s the script:

Hey there Ghosts!

Do you like playing stealthily, but hate switching up your armor when stealth breaks? Are you a more casual gamer, or, like me, have physical handicaps that make fast-twitch gaming harder than usual? This versatile Kensei assassin build is for you, then!

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With the release of the Director’s cut of Ghost of Tsushima, we have gained some new charms to play with. One, in particular, is the Charm of Versatile Skills.

This charm doubles the effects of your minor charms IF, and ONLY IF, you’ve only got one of each type of minor charm. That means you can’t equip 2 utility or stealth minor charms, even if they do different things. Thanks to the effects of Charm of Versatile Skills, however, that doesn’t matter as much as you’d think. If you don’t have it yet, you get the Charm of Versatile Skills by hitting the max legend available on Iki island.

Let’s get to the build.

Besides the Charm of Versatile Skills, you’ll want the Charm of Hidden Blades for your major charm slots.

Next, you’ll want the charm of Advantage, which increases Ghost weapon damage by 20%.

For your stealth charm, the charm of Silence is going to be incredibly important: Not only does it boost stealth, but it’ll also increase resolve gains.

Speaking of resolve, the Charm of Resolve II is recommended for your utility charm, as it boosts resolve gains by 25%.

Finally, the charm of Broken Barriers rounds things out as a defense charm, which grants you 15% resolve when you break an enemy’s defense.

Kunai are going to be your bread & butter here when stealth first breaks, or when you can’t approach a group of enemies silently. As well, thanks to the addition of saddle bags in the Director’s Cut, you’ll be able to easily refill your Kunai should you need them without hitting up a trapper. You’ll be doing an additional 40% of damage with the Charm of Versatile Skills boosting your Charm of Advantage, as well as building your resolve with each toss!

Once you’ve thinned the herd with kunai, you can make use of Ghost Stance to take out a few more, and then we come to why we’re hoarding all that resolve..

By building up all that resolve, you can now clean up almost any encounter by essentially spamming your mythical moves such as Heavenly Strike.

Should you be in an encounter where you’ve used up all your kunai and resolve, you can make use of your smoke bombs to help you evade your foes and finish targets up with assassination. Before you empty your resolve, however, I’d suggest using Heavenly Strike to break an enemy’s defense and then utilizing normal attacks to build resolve.

That’s right: No need to worry about getting perfect parries or perfect dodges in standard combat, because you’re a ghost-weapon throwing, mythical move slicing assassination machine.