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I decided to take a look at Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends this past weekend, and I’m glad I did.

While I don’t begrudge anybody who likes playing coop or online, I personally just don’t have the time to coordinate with other players, and considering my physical limitations, I’m not quite as good as other players, and tend to be an albatross hanging around their neck in many situations.

So, when I discovered that the story mode in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends was capable of being played solo, I was overjoyed.

Notice how it says “Up to 2 players”? That’s your clue right there.

You still have to be online for it, and there is no pause mechanic, but it is a fun experience. It’s extremely challenging, too. The classes all offer traditional abilities, but of course, I’m playing the Assassin. It actually plays out very well here, aside from having different overall abilities (rather than Ghost Tools and the like, you’ll be utilizing abilities with a cooldown). You also will be grinding out missions for loot, and various other mechanics commonplace in online games.

Grinding for gear: An unfortunate side effect, but I’ll accept it

Still, it’s worth it to get a bit of a new story with similar gameplay, and stealth is almost critical when playing Legends solo. Thankfully, stealth operates just like it does in the regular Ghost of Tsushima game.

Have you given it a shot yet? What’s your experience like?