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After my review of AC: Valhalla, I basically put the game away and never came back. I just wasn’t having fun, and didn’t care for the performance on PS4.

Well, I recently upgraded my PC gaming rig to something with an RTX 3080 (I got REALLY lucky), and decided.. Let’s give the game on PC a shot.

I’m glad I did; Being able to play at max graphics settings at 1440p and still get great performance eliminates a few complaints I had about it when I initially reviewed it. Sure, part of this is due to bugfixes and the like, but performance really matters here.

My previous gaming PC was loaded with an RTX 2060, and knowing how poorly-optimized Ubisoft open-world games on PC are, I had chosen to get it on PS4 instead just because console games tend to have better performance overall due to the consistency of hardware, which makes it easier on the developers.

Anyway, the game really feels much more solid now than it did at my initial review. Sure, it’s still not the king of stealth gaming any more, but it plays well, and is a nice distraction.

If you’re on the fence about the game, grab it on sale for whatever platform you’ve got the highest-end hardware on. Performance is key here to making it fun.