Scrolling through all the news about Cyberpunk 2077, I came upon news of a tweet from one of the QA testers, and, well.. This sounds pretty good.

The tester in question was playing a stealth-focused playthrough, and while QA testers have to take their time, this is still not insignificant.

The best part? They are still going.

For those of us who like to take our time in games, this is a very good sign that many of us will still be playing the game well into 2021 after the release next month.

Though Cyberpunk 2077’s map size is smaller than The Witcher’s, it’s got a lot of verticality to it, and it’s going to be a stealth gamer’s dream no doubt given that we’ll be spending less time crouching in the open, and more time crouching outside doorways and the like.

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