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Ubisoft monopolizes a lot of my time. Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s latest update has especially pulled me hard into completionist territory as I work to max out the new ranks added to classes. I’m in the middle of the Panther class, having maxed out the Pathfinder and Sharpshooter ones already. Then I’ll finish the Echelon class and be done.. Hopefully. Plus, I plan on finally giving detailed reviews on the MK17 Scout, M4A1 Scout, and AUG Scout. I am also planning on doing a full review of the game in it’s current state, which is vastly different from what it was at launch.

I haven’t had time during the week to even touch AC Valhalla, which is disappointing. As you may have heard, I think it’s pretty neat. With any luck I’ll have enough solid hours in the game to formulate a proper review.

I think I might sleep a bit here and there.

What are you playing this weekend?