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Look, I’m not normally one to peddle in rumors unless they have some real solid backing. Screenshots. Video. A named source. However, this new rumor that a new, small-scale stealth-focused AC game featuring Basim has been seriously making the rounds.. Enough that I should probably comment on it, right?

In case you didn’t know, Basim was a central character in AC Valhalla (which you should absolutely play now). No spoilers, but he has some interesting progression in the end-game.. Enough that, apparently, DLC featuring Basim was planned, but now will supposedly be made into an entirely new sequel itself, codenamed “Rift”. The amusing part about this is how it appears Ubisoft likes the idea of DLC existing in such dramatically separate aspects of the game (see Far Cry 6’s DLC content) that they sometimes decide to make a new game out of it (instead of padding DLC content by re-using old villains as main characters, stories etc in the case of Far Cry 6).

Basim is a “Hidden One”, which basically precedes the standard Templar/Assassin organizations. He was a unique character in Valhalla, and there is a lot they could do with this after what happens in AC Valhalla. Seriously, if you haven’t played the full story, you probably should. It gets bonkers, but good (for the most part).

All this is of course preceding the new AC Infinity project, which will supposedly turn AC into something probably not entirely unlike what happened with Hitman’s ongoing development.