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Hey there Ghosts! It’s another Friday, with yet another session of Among Us (seriously, that game is a blast if you also enjoy social engineering) with my coworkers at the day job.

This weekend brings me some time with my review copy of Gray Zone, which is a tactical & stealth game in the same vein as Wasteland and more (but more focused on real-time mechanics, although there is a “Tactical” toggle to pause the game to plan stuff out). This is actually the first game I’ve requested a review copy for, so it’s going to have a special place in the history of GGN.

I’ll be spending some time evaluating the early access version this weekend, and will share my thoughts on Monday most likely; a full review will come regardless of how I feel about it once the game leaves early access.

If I’ve got the itch for thievery, I’ll also finally load up The Dark Mod and give it a much belated evaluation. I haven’t fully decided if I’ve got the energy for that style of game, however; if it is anything like the original Thief, I know that the tension can really get to me (and exacerbate my physical pain, unlike other stealth-based games).

Finally, I’m actually evaluating some forum software; I know we’ve got the Ghost Gamer Subreddit, but I actually feel like, should this develop into a real community, a dedicated forum might work better (and I want an excuse to play with Flarum).

So, that’s my (long holiday, thanks to Labor Day) weekend, folks. Let me know what you’ll be playing in the comments!