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*UPDATE* The latest patch manages to make the game stop crashing for me, and I have now actually made some progress in the game; others still have issues, so keep this in mind before you buy!

Stability in games is important: Folks want to actually play a game in a seamless fashion.

When a game constantly crashes to desktop and you lose your progress, the game isn’t all that fun.. Especially when you spent over an hour just getting shaders to build.

That’s my scenario right now, even after a hotfix.

I have about 30 minutes of playtime left before I need to decide if I’m going to refund The Last of Us Part 1 on PC; Steam purchasers have a 2 hour gameplay window to request a refund with no questions asked.

I have no word on whether Steam will extend that window given how much time TLOU wastes on shader builds before you can actually PLAY the game, but for now I’m erring on the side of caution.

I can’t even get through the early portion of the prologue; My game crashes shortly after leaving the house consistently, even after attempting multiple fixes.

If the next patch or two doesn’t provide a clear path to solving the CTD issue for me, I’ll most likely be requesting a refund, and you won’t see a review of the game here.

I don’t typically get review copies of games unless they are a smaller indie in my niche; GGN isn’t popular enough for major publishers to bother sending a review copy (perfectly understandable), so I pay for games out of my own pocket.. And ad revenue isn’t THAT good (it mostly covers the hosting costs for all my websites, which I’m fine with).

Here’s hoping things improve soon for both myself and the other gamers anxiously waiting to play the game.