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The best tech for a beginner may seem obvious to some, but what should you get first? What should you max out early on? There isn’t a lot of gadgets & tech in WDL, so this will be a pretty easy list to define. Let’s dive in.

Which tech to get first in Watch Dogs: Legion

While this is a good general order, feel free to adjust it based on what you’re experiencing in game.

Get the AR cloak first!

While most guides are claiming the spider drone is going to be your most important tool early on, honestly, you’ll be better off grabbing the AR cloak first. Why? It’ll help you when things go south and make infiltrations so much easier (and fun), especially in the beginning.

Next, get the AR shroud.

The AR shroud is one of the most useful passive hacks you can get in Watch Dogs: Legion. If you take someone out (without shooting them), the body will automatically be hidden. You can still hide bodies you’ve shot, too. Best of all, there is no cool down, and no limit to it’s use.. Since you can’t hide bodies otherwise in Watch Dogs: Legion, this is the next best option.

Now you can get the spiderbot.

The spiderbot is useful, but honestly, any time I thought I’d need one, there was a dispenser of spider drones within the location I was scouting. About the only time you’ll need to use this is when you’re trying to get some bonus content or tech points to get more gadgets/hacks. Honestly, you can actually wait even longer for it if you like, but if you want to get more tech points early on, this is the time to grab it.

Deep profiler: It’s time to build your team.

Don’t waste your time trying to build a team until you have this. Given you can only have 45 members total in your crew (either saved, or actually active), better to wait until you can get the cream of the crop. Deep profiler helps make this a lot easier, and by about this point you should be thinking about filling out your team (which will be in another guide).

Start maxing out your AR cloak & spider drone about now.

AR cloak’s first upgrade is pretty sweet; while it’s duration boost while walking slow is iffy, the duration increase when standing still is extremely useful in infiltrations where you’ve got to wait for somebody to pass. Spider drone’s upgrades, however, are all useful. If you find yourself using the spider drone a lot, max it first. If not, max AR cloak first. The final boost in AR cloak is nice for getting just a little extra edge out of it when taking down your enemies, but it isn’t critical.

Disrupt hack is your friend.

At about this point you should be feeling fairly comfortable in the game, and want to really stick it to the man. You’ll be infiltrating more spaces, which means dealing with more enemies. Disrupt is great if you’ve got a tail or have alerted someone in a room you need to stick around in – just Disrupt, subdue, and get back to business.

Grab the drone hacks next.

Even just 1 point in each of the drones is going to be useful; save the package drone for later in the game, however, as it’s just nice for getting money (it can also supply ammo, but that’s not going to be necessary if you play stealthily). Being able to control them is good, too, just to get them out of the way and do some scouting, but don’t rush that point. Start upgrading these after you’ve gotten the other things you want.

Max out the DedSec pistol for ranged stealth takedowns.

While you could certainly make use of the spy, I personally prefer to have the standard non-lethal DedSec pistol maxed for stealth takedowns.. We’re not here to kill everybody, just disable them so we can get our job done, which is easier if you’re not actually leaving corpses around.

What about the rest of the tech?

At this point, just grab what you like! If you’re playing with permadeath, grab the tech that makes your team more hardy. If you haven’t maxed out the drone takedowns yet, do so.

You may be wondering.. Why did I skip attract hack?

It’s honestly rarely useful. If there is a trap you can set in the area, there’s usually also a camera. Just get the trap between the camera and your target, and you’ll be fine.