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Note: While I tagged this as a review, I’m not going to be doing the full review schtick here. No ratings. No deep dives. No screenshots.


Because I can barely get past playing for 30 minutes worth of the game before I want to quit out of rage.

This Land is My Land is a game of incredible ambitions, but ultimately poor execution.

The core “wrapper” is good: Open world stealth survival with land capture and faction combat. Almost like a sort of Mount & Blade but for fans of stealth gaming.

The delivery is just atrocious.

The UI is nearly unusable, and is about as intuitive as a DIY colonoscopy with instructions written in Latin (and out of order).

The AI just acts.. Weird. I really can’t think of a better descriptor than that.

The crafting system is half-baked: It works “well enough”, but when you combine it with inventory management, tribe resource management and more it just becomes another “wut?”

Combat is.. Hilariously bad. I took one camp just by popping arrows at them until they fell, barely moving around. I’d get them stun-locked with a shot and not have to worry about them shooting back.

AI perceptiveness? Yeah, about the same. I managed to find a guy I was supposed to interrogate on the first try in that same camp: Once I knocked him out everybody in the camp became instantly aware I was there, despite not even being in line of site or near anybody.

I just.. There are so many bad things I could write about it.

It is such a good concept. If they had made it about 1/3 the game it is they might’ve been able to succeed at making it good (or at least reasonably playable).

Remove the survival mechanics. The social system (I was genuinely surprised that there were people playing it any time I hopped in). The tribe management. Maybe then they could invest in the AI, movement controls, combat and randomized nature of the game world and come out with a winner.

As it stands now, I can’t even be bothered to keep trying to play it enough to put together a real review.

I’m shocked at how many people gave it such a positive rating. The reviews do exist: I’ve seen them.

The game plays almost exactly like it did when it was in early access way back when. That’s when I first played it and got excited about it.

Now? I’m just.. Ugh.

To put things in perspective, I’ve played X3 and X4 and loved them.. And those games are rough on the UI and management systems.

I cannot get into this at all.