This Land is My Land is a unique open world game set in early American history: You play as a Native American guiding your tribe to deal with colonists and expand your settlements, surviving and hopefully thriving.

The game includes base building, resource gathering, survival mechanics, and, of course.. Stealth. I played during early access and saw a lot of promise here. Nothing really felt shoe-horned in, and all the mechanics worked well together to make a unique and interesting experience in gaming. I will note that being fully stealthy can be challenging in some situations.

The AI has been a source of frustration in some cases, but given the relatively small development team there is a chance it has been improved (or will be shortly).

The situations you encounter will be different with every playthrough, and the world changes as you go based on your actions.

Generally reviews during early access have been positive, but the real test will be post-launch reviews when it no longer has users being (relatively) understanding of any bugs that crop up.

There has been some controversy with this title given that the developer failed to employ any actual Native Americans to aid in development, but despite being owned by a major company they are still rather small and indie-like.

You can pick it up on Steam. I plan on reviewing it later, but due to current schedules it may be a couple weeks before a proper full review can be put together.

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