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When Ubisoft announced a new VR-focused Splinter Cell, I was skeptical. I didn’t see Splinter Cell working well in a VR environment, especially given the aging fanbase for the series and general VR adoption.

Turns out, Ubisoft didn’t see it working well either, and they’ve canned the project after complete radio silence post-announcement.

It took 2 years after a major public announcement before we heard anything, and we’re finding this out via a financial call.

Of course Splinter Cell VR isn’t the only game hitting the chopping block: We’re also completely not shocked that Ghost Recon Frontline (which had an incredibly tone-deaf reveal) is going bye-bye.

The Splinter Cell remake is supposedly still in the works, but after 2 games that went through major promotional efforts at announcement have disappeared, I’m not getting my hopes up there.