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Early reviews of Watch Dogs Legion have started to trickle out, and it’s seeming like the game has at least somewhat delivered on something that might be worthwhile.

While GGN was much too small for Ubisoft to want to consider for a review copy, my review will be coming sometime next week after I get a chance to play it and explore the stealth gameplay in earnest. In the meantime, let’s enjoy Ars Technica’s take.

Some of the chief complaints are towards what you’d expect from an Ubisoft open world game: Repetitive quests, iffy NPC interaction, and a requirement that you just accept some things as.. “Sure, why not”. The fact that everybody can be convinced to join you with minimal effort, and that everybody can be a hacker is more than a little bit of a stretch, is a little “eh”, but it’s still an interesting and unique game mechanic that everybody is available to be a tool in your government-overthrowing cog.

That recruitment process, as presented in Legion, requires the player to suspend more than a little bit of disbelief. You can go up to literally any random person in the game, push a button, and start a completely unprompted conversation about potentially violent overthrow of the system.

-Ars Technica Review of Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion goes live for the rest of us plebs tomorrow, and the GGN review will follow sometime after this weekend.