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Update: Thanks to Ars for the deeper dive, it appears the tweets below are just a fan account having a bit of fun, so don’t expect a new MGS game soon.

The Metal Gear series is the counterpoint to the Splinter Cell games; much like Splinter Cell, we have little new stuff to go off of, and any rumors that come out tend to be just that: Rumors (aside from a supposed VR version of SC, but that’s radio-silence as well).

Instead, we’ve now got a couple cryptic tweets hinting at quite possibly a new release in the Metal Gear Solid universe.

Tom Olsen is a fictional character in the MGS universe from earlier games; And, of course, the screenshots in Tom’s tweet are from an older release, as well, leading us to believe that maybe, just maybe, we’ll start seeing remasters of the classics (as was alluded to previously, although they just ended up being straight re-releases for PC).