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If you’ve looked at any character build guides for Cyberpunk 2077 (such as GGN’s ultimate stealth hacker build), you’ll typically find one thing in common:

Critical chance and critical damage are always emphasized.

You can own the game early on with just about any combat skill you can think of just by focusing on critical hits. Whether through Reflex/Cool attribute points, various perks that emphasize critical hits, clothing/weapon/cyberware mods, and/or the Cold Blood tab of Cool, you’ve got a variety of ways to EASILY make every encounter completely without challenge.

Take my hacker build for instance. I have ZERO points in any weapon perks, yet I can absolutely destroy enemies with any weapon in the game. I’ve been able to do this since level 25; My weapon of choice when I just feel like spraying and praying is a smart assault rifle, but really any will do.

To test this, I started swinging a blade.. One that’s a number of levels behind my current as far as power goes. Needless to say, I continued to wreck foes easily.

Of course, I’m playing on normal, but even bumping up the difficulty did little to make me any less OP.

I’ve got 5 in body and 5 in reflexes, and in my 30s I can easily stomp even the most dangerous enemies with any method of combat (aside from throwing knives, but that’s just because it’s ridiculous since it’s a PITA to keep a stock of knives on your person).

Smart weapons make it even easier; I don’t even have to TRY to aim; as long as I’m aiming above my foe, each shot will be a headshot.

I’ve actually decided to hold off on further guide creation just in case critical hits get nerfed in a later update. That’s how overpowered it is (although I have no doubt my stealth hacker build will hold out just fine, given it just means firing off contagion one or two more times).