Ghost Gamer News is new officially back from the holidays, and I’ve got some updates as to what GGN will become through 2021.

When GGN launched Sept. 2020, the goal was to create a slashdot-style site combining updates shared from other news outlets plus original content, including editorials, guides, reviews and more.

After analyzing traffic, the most popular content tends to be guides by a significant margin, followed by reviews and editorials. Most traffic is coming directly to content via search, rather than through homepage visits, too. It wasn’t unexpected, but I wanted to give it a shot to see what would pick up outside of expectations and see if we can get regular visits to the homepage.

Some aspects of GGN were launched early just because they were relatively low-hanging fruit and easily implemented now, rather than waiting for the site to grow. This includes commenting and article submission. These will be maintained through 2021, but the Slashdot-style news updates or regular features will be dropped until traffic grows enough to justify it.

The content you can expect in 2021 will include the usual guides, reviews & editorials, plus the occasional preview update for what GGN considers “cornerstone” games. Games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ghost of Tsushima and Cyberpunk 2077 are cornerstone games in that I personally have chosen to invest time in them, and there is a large amount of interest. Other cornerstone games will include Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, and any future games that fit primarily into the stealth & sniper niches.

Tactical gaming has had very little interest, so that may potentially be dropped, or at least receive minimal attention for the time being.

Finally, there will be a weekly update for various bits of news in those niches that are of interest to GGN visitors, rather than having them posted piecemeal.

Thanks for reading, sharing & more in 2020 – let’s hope that 2021 is big year for stealth and sniper gameplay!

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