10/2/2021, 6:17

Ghost Recon 20th Anniversary Update Teased

Where we'll most likely get word on the Motherland DLC, and more

It should surprise no one that Ubisoft is doing something special for Ghost Recon in the form of a livestream event. October 5th at 10 AM PDT (12 PM CST) you’ll want to watch the stream for a bit of nostalgia on the Ghost Recon series, a behind-the-scenes live bit on Breakpoint, and an update on a new “Ghost Recon Project”.

You’ll also apparently be able to get a couple special gifts (presumably in-game items such as cosmetics) by watching the stream, as is the standard practice in Ubisoft live streams.

Here’s the teaser tweeted out by Ubisoft:

If you read GGN at all, it should come at no surprise that we’re seeing an update on a “new project”: This most likely is a new game announcement. I wasn’t sure it would be announced this early, but it would fit in with my projected timeline.

The big question is this: Is this going to be a full-scope game, or something small to keep the series alive (such as a mobile game) until they are ready for a “real” new game?

We also have to consider the direction Assassin’s Creed is taking with it’s “Infinity” project: A major shift in production style to a “live service”.

I could be completely wrong, however, and the new project is actually just a clumsy way of over-hyping the Motherland DLC.

Guess we’ll have to watch Oct. 5 to find out.

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