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Hey there Ghosts! We now have a number of new sniper rifles and DMRs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint thanks to the Motherland update, so it’s time to do some weapon reviews: First up is the SR-1! Before we start, don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to get more weapon reviews for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, get notified when I’m live, and follow more content produced by Ghost Gamer News.

The SR-1 in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is fairly limited. You can only update the optics, magazine and muzzle, leaving you with nothing to really adjust things like range that a rail attachment would support.

Speaking of range, the SR-1 with ballistic advantage is fairly decent on it’s own, although there currently isn’t an optic or skill combination that will allow you to easily utilize a reticle as a bullet drop compensator.

Damage-wise it’s right on-par with the Recon A1, which is fairly disappointing.

As far as sound detection goes the SR-1 is detected suppressed at 19 meters, and unsuppressed at 201 meters. This is nothing special, really, and fairly in-line with other sniper rifles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, being within 5-10 meters of the norm.

Overall the SR1 has rather limited utility. It’s rate of fire is average, and while it has decent range it can’t utilize any optics as a simple bullet drop compensator, which means you’re typically better off going with the Recon A1 for it’s usefulness with the TARS101 since they both do the same damage.