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I’ll admit, I was one of the people who bought and played Anthem. I actually completed the main story, but left after that because it just didn’t have much going on besides the grind. Then, the idea of “Anthem Next” came out, and there was hope.

Until there wasn’t.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint could have a very similar story, but thankfully, Ubisoft finally saw fit to update us on whether they’ll continue to add content to Ghost Recon Breakpoint or not, and the verdict is: Yes, it will still be updated.

With a rocky launch filled with bugs, mechanics that belong more in the Division and a story that was a bit cringeworthy, it’s impressive that they made Breakpoint worth playing a year later.

We’re still waiting on Year 2 updates, but there is some hope. There’s a whole ‘nother island to be opened up, which will most likely be focused on yet another raid (although let’s hope they open it up like they did Golem Island, except from the start this time). With any luck we’ll also see some additional bug fixes, as some have had time to get settled in thanks to having existed since the technical test.

With any luck, in a few weeks, we’ll find out just what is coming down the pipe for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.