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Don’t like to watch videos? That’s OK, here’s the transcript below!

Many gamers despise microtractions, but publishers continue to rely on them to supplement sales of games, or to add monetization to free to play titles. In most cases, these aren’t considered “Pay To Win”, but usually just allow you to get content quicker than you normally would, or provide things like additional character skins or weapons.

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, one microtransaction can certainly be called pay to win: The Desert Eagle Survival pistol.

Based on the hard-hitting Desert Eagle already available in-game as a standard blueprint, the Survival variant of the pistol comes with a suppressor and red-dot sight already attached. The key thing to note is the suppressor: The Desert Eagle doesn’t have a suppressor available in-game, but this micro-transaction blueprint does.

That makes this the best pistol in Ghost Recon Breakpoint in many contexts. Here’s a little more on why.

Detection range for this pistol is approximately 10 meters, which is practically spitting distance for Breakpoint; you’ll be handling bases with ease relying on this one. Damage-wise, you can drop any non-heavy, non-wolf foe in just one shot, whether you’re detected or not, even if it’s a body shot. Arm shots will occasionally not take the target down, however, but wolves will go down with 2 shots anywhere on the body. It’s range is also superb, allowing you to take much longer shots with ease without using the Ballistic Advantage perk.

Crazy enough, you can even drop helicopters with this pistol, using less than 2 magazines.

The only real downsides to the pistol are it’s limited magazine size and high recoil, but as long as you’re staying stealthy and don’t miss your shot, you won’t have to worry about either. This does present a problem when taking down heavies quickly and quietly given you’ve got to make 2 headshots to take one down, but if you rely on sync shots drones (or your teammates) you’ll have those covered.