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With just a simple tweet to tease before release, the crossover event for Tomb Raider in Breakpoint is now live.

I haven’t had a chance to hop in yet, but other users have apparently saved me some time, and all of us some anguish.

Apparently the crossover is just another scavenger hunt (which is what we expected), but the rewards are a little more underwhelming than what we hoped. Apparently you will be getting Laura’s tank top, shades, and a pistol.

This has disappointed Breakpoint fans who were at least hoping for a bow, which would have been a fantastic addition to the GRBP world.

Given the fanfare before the release of this update, it’s a bit surprising just how minimal this update is. The world of Auroa has plenty of options to go beyond the standard scavenger hunt, and with the rewards being so slim, this isn’t an encouraging prospect for future Breakpoint updates. Then again, maybe they only did a cursory investment in this event just because they were focused on the next major update titled Operation Motherland.