I remember, many many years ago, my first experience with Hitman.

It was actually the demo for the very first Hitman game to come out, and I was curious. As it turns out, that curiosity was quelled quickly when I kept trying to do what I would normally do in games.

Ever since then, I’ve monitored the Hitman series, and even given it another shot here and there, but could never quite enjoy it. Sure, you’ve got numerous ways to accomplish your objective, and that’s part of the fun, but I’m a Splinter Cell guy at heart, and Agent 47 just didn’t have the skills good ole’ Sam has.

So, this weekend I’ll finally give Hitman 3 a shot.. and you’ll get to watch me fumble my way through unfamiliar mechanics and controls while I attempt to take out my target(s).

Be sure to subscribe to the GGN channel so you get notified when I go live! The stream will start at 9 PM CST Saturday July 31st, and typically runs until 10 PM, unless I actually enjoy myself.. Which is possible, I suppose!

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