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It feels like just a week ago that I was talking about Partisans 1941. We now have the full release, and it’s also got a discount available on Steam. Go grab it now.

Reception has been positive as of late, which is good, because with all the upcoming games, updates and more I will have zero time to even touch it myself to craft a proper review any time soon. Rock Paper Shotgun, however, has a great review that you should check out. They do make one strong point: Games like this typically rely on save scumming in order to succeed, just because there is so much to manage when taking on the bigger challenges.

Your plans will almost never work on the first, fifth or even twelfth attempt, as risky stealth manoeuvres go sideways. I don’t think there’s a partisan in my brigade who hasn’t died a hundred times in the wild proliferation of parallel universes brought into being by the mashing of my F5 key.

-Nate Crowley, RPS

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