I’ve had my gripes about stealth and VR before. With all the clever stealth mechanics that are available now in modern stealth gaming, you’ve got to scale things back a bit to be playable in VR.

In the case of Phantom: Covert Ops, they took a rather unique (and immersive) approach: You’re riding around in a kayak.

The controls are unique, and there is a certain level of immersion to moving around that you just wouldn’t get if you were actually not a man-kayak. This is the kind of clever experience that VR stealth really needs: Take the limits and explore just what you can do with them.

While it’s certainly no Splinter Cell, the game looks interesting enough that I might actually be willing to purchase a VR headset and try Splinter Cell in VR, too.

Check out the launch trailer below, and let us know if you’ll be exploring the world of stealth in VR.

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