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Far Cry 6 encourages stealth, and even when things hit the fan stealth can still be useful. The following pieces of equipment are what I consider the best for stealthy playthroughs in Far Cry 6. These items are all accessible in the base game at any time, either through missions, treasure hunts or vendors (no black market or MTX items here). Let’s get started!

The best Far Cry 6 head gear

This item is, in my opinion, the most useful piece of head gear for any play through regardless of stealth.

Prisoner's Scarf Far Cry 6

The Prisoner’s Scarf

The Prisoner’s Scarf is a game-changer: This item allows you to perform machete takedowns regardless of whether you’ve been spotted or not. Why is this good? Sometimes you’ll start creeping up on someone only for them to turn around and look right at you. This allows you to take them down easily and quietly with your foes none-the-wiser (while saving on ammo).

The best Far Cry 6 chest gear

Here we have 2 options for stealthy players. The Dark Tech Hoodie is my main recommendation, but Oluwa’s Heart may be more to your liking.

Dark Tech Hoodie

Very few items in Far Cry 6 have an impact on detection speed, and with some regions having very wide-open spaces you’ll want every advantage you can get to reach your target. The Dark Tech Hoodie slows down the time it takes for soldiers to detect you, making it an ideal choice for stealthy players.

Oluwa’s Heart

If you’re looking to eliminate your movement noise, you’ll want to get multiple pieces with the “reduce movement noise” effect. Oluwa’s Heart does that.

The best Far Cry 6 wrist gear

Once again, Dark Tech gear wins out here. There are other options related to stealth, but this really is exceptionally useful.

Dark Tech Gloves

The Dark Tech Gloves add a “lock on” mechanic for throwing knives and axes, meaning hitting a moving target is exceptionally simple. While you may not use these gadgets often, when you do, you want to make sure you hit the target.

Also, I would like to give honorable mentions to the Impact Gloves (allows you to pull the pin on an enemy grenade during a machete kill) and Prisoner’s Wrap (allows you to essentially chain-kill after a takedown by using the enemy’s pistol, but this breaks stealth a bit).

The best Far Cry 6 leg gear

Another Dark Tech item here, but it should be noted that plenty of gear will have similar effects.

Dark Tech Pants

The Dark Tech Pants quite simply just reduce movement noise, much like Oluwa’s Heart noted above. If you’re looking to be as silent as possible, combining these two will work well.

The best Far Cry 6 foot gear

Last, but not least, we have to obvious choices for stealthy footwear.

Dark Tech Boots

The Dark Tech Boots have a more subtle effect: They increase movement speed when crouched. This allows you to bypass foes quicker while retaining your stealth, especially when combined with the Dark Tech Hoodie.

Mimo Abosi’s Mirage

Mimo Abosi’s Mirage is yet another item that will reduce your movement noise. If you’re looking to maximize your general noise these boots are perfect, but I personally prefer the Dark Tech Boots.