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While the title may seem like clickbait, I have specific criteria that makes me arrive at that decision.. If you’ll allow me to ramble a bit, we’ll get there.

I’ve always loved the concept of precision shooting. Even as a child, I was ecstatic at getting my first scope for my BB gun, and spent an hour learning how to zero it. When I got my first .22, I shot a not insignificant amount of rounds at a metal rod sticking out of the ground thinner than your pinky at around 25 yards using just iron sights. I got very good at hitting the tip of that rod.

I didn’t spend much time with a rifle after that due to life issues, and I miss it terribly. I still read gun magazines in print, watch YT videos of rifle reviews, and regularly update my precision rifle wishlist in my head (current favorite? Anything by Victrix, but I’ll settle for a Desert Tech SRS A2 Covert – and don’t you dare hand me anything not bolt action). I do plan on finally getting back into it at some point by picking up another 22, just because I don’t have access to any good longer-range ranges, and plinking 22 WM or LR rounds at 300 yards will have to work (plus, it’s cheaper than shooting anything 6.5 Creedmore, my wishlist caliber).

So, I enjoy sniper gameplay quite significantly. It’s about the only way I get to really enjoy the experience of shooting. When I look for a sniper game, I obviously want a little more detail than “point the crosshair at the bad guy”.

Beyond that (pun upcoming), I want range. I already shared my gripes about SGW Contracts limited range, and that’s the crux of my position here: SGW3 offered real sniper-quality range.

Sure, we’ve got Arma 3 and the ACE mod, which is absolutely brilliant if you want a true, hardcore experience, but most of the time I want a slightly more casual experience and don’t feel like working out my dope each time I play. I only load it up when I’m really itching for a challenge.

No, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is my jam here. Find a perch and start popping some heads. Compensate for wind on the fly (although it’d be cool if we could adjust for windage on the scope), adjust for elevation, and squeeze the trigger. Because it was an open-world game, it succeeded in sniper gameplay, contrary to the feelings that it was a failure for that fact.

It doesn’t provide the same cathartic experience as firing a real rifle does, certainly; Sliding the bolt up and back, gently pushing it forward and down.. Ensure I’m settled into the cheek rest, line up my shot, relax, and squeeze. Still, it is worth something in the experience, and SGW3 offers it.

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