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We’ve finally got full patch notes for Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s TU 4.1.0, which includes the Motherland DLC.

There is a lot of stuff in here, but we’ve gotten confirmation on a number of features and changes. If you’re the curious type, you can read the full patch notes here. I’ll just confirm a few things that’ll be of interest.

First: The weapon mastery system utilizes skill points, so all those extra skill points you’ve collected are finally going to be useful.

The optical camo’s mechanics are activated via your item/tool wheel as a permanent item, but apparently the upgrades for it are only useable within Conquest mode, and are earned by picking up special crates while completing Conquest mode.

There are a few new rifles/DMRs for sharpshooters, including VSK-50 (thought I recognized it) and the M110, which are welcome additions.

The mixed-materials ghillie should be interesting; hopefully it’s a more realistic looking ghillie than the grass/leaves ghillies we’ve got now.

There is a HUGE amount of bug fixes, but unfortunately many bugs that impact snipers still aren’t noted as resolved (such as the wild accuracy bug affecting numerous players).

You’ll have over 60 “missions” to complete, along with new enemies to deal with.

Overall, this is shaping up to be an interesting release that’ll inject some much-needed life in Breakpoint.

This update goes live November 2nd, 2021.