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Hello Ghosts! It’s time we took a deep dive into how optical camo works in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and how various actions impact it.

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Let’s get into it by starting with testing methodology.

I’ve got the optical camo tree completely maxed out, and I’m utilizing the panther class with both slim shadow as well as sensor hack for when we do drone testing. This is so I can maximize my general effectiveness in a variety of encounters and create an even baseline. All tests were done during daylight, as well, eliminating any potential benefit from night-time encounters. Finally, this was done in the standard game mode, rather than in conquest mode.. Yes, you can use your fully-maximized optical camo in the standard game!

With that out of the way, let’s get moving.

How movement impacts optical camo battery drain

Your actual stance at movement has an exceptional impact on how fast your optical camo battery drains.

Most people will find themselves moving in a crouch position, which does increase battery drain vs. standing still. The additional drain is relatively minor, but what is interesting is that the amount of battery drained vs. distance travelled is fairly close to the same regardless of stance, as you can see in the clips in the video. You can reach the same distance for approximately the same amount of battery expended whether crouched, jogging or running.

What is interesting, however, is that prone crawling doesn’t appear to have much of an impact in battery drain. Your battery drain while crawling is almost exactly the same as if you were standing still. It should be noted, however, that you’ll still be travelling about the same distance vs. the amount of battery drained.

Finally, you can skydive with optical camo active, but the drain is pretty heavy depending on how fast you’re moving. Activating your parachute cancels out the optical camo. As well, when you’ve got the MK2 upgrade for optical camo water has zero impact on the effectiveness and battery drain of optical camo.

How firing weapons impacts battery drain with optical camo

Battery drain when firing is heavily dependent on the weapon being fired. Pistols, for instance, have a relatively minor impact on battery drain, but a sniper rifle like the Recon A1 cause a massive battery drain with each shot.

Shooting an assault rifle or SMG in semi-auto does have a noticeable impact, but what is more important to note is that burst firing or full-auto firing will completely exhaust your optical camo battery in no time at all, so it’s better to stick with single shots, and ideally utilizing pistols.

How much battery is drained in CQC with optical camo

CQC and optical camo were made for each other. You’ll only lose about 5 percent of your optical camo battery utilizing CQC, and that 5% drop triggers right as the kill is completed. Note that detection is still possible if the target is within hearing or visual range, but it is slowed, which we’ll discuss later on here.

How utilizing quick wheel items impacts optical camo battery drain

Items like the bullet lure produce a negligible drain to your optical camo’s battery at a fraction of a percent, but items like C4 or diversion lures will cause about a 1% drain in battery when tossed. Sync shot drones produce no noticable impact on battery drain, whether you’re launching one or activating them.

As an aside, launching your regular drone DOES produce a noticeable impact on battery drain.

How battery drain affects optical camo recharge rates

As a final note on battery drain, it is best if you manually disable your optical camo before the battery is completely drained. If you drain the battery completely it’ll take much longer to start charging again. The difference is substantial: a partially expended battery will start recharging within 2 seconds, while a fully-expended battery will take about 6 seconds to start recharging.

Let’s get into the detection portion of the guide next.

How detection is impacted vs. humans with optical camo

Thanks to optical camo you can get exceptionally close to human targets without raising the alarm. What changes this variable is the amount of noise you make: Optical camo just affects visual detection, so noise from movement or firing is unaffected. While you can stand relatively close to enemies without being detected, the moment you start a jog or run near enemies alerts them easily.

Crouched movement is silent enough that the shimmer from optical camo will be noticed before any noise you make will be, but overall detection speed is slowed with optical camo.

How detection is impacted vs. drones with optical camo

Drone testing was done with the most “aware” drone possible: The behemoth.

Behemoths are notoriously aware of their surroundings, but you can still get pretty close to them before detection kicks in. Sound detection, much like with humans, is still going to be a factor. I actually finished gathering all of the camo points needed to max out my optical camo by sneaking into behemoth camps and was able to do it relatively silently, but if the behemoth is near the tower as you climb up it your steps will be heard on the metal surface, putting them in a partial “alert” state looking for you.

How to make the most of optical camo in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Here is the “too long, didn’t watch” portion of the guide.

When using optical camo, you’ll want to stay crouched if you’re within proximity of your enemies, but if you’re far enough away to not be heard you CAN jog or run if you’re in a rush, which can be useful when moving from cover to cover while in an area covered by snipers.

Avoid using rifles in general when optical camo is active, and never use them in full auto/burst fire. Pistols and CQC are your best friend here.

Drones can be snuck up upon, but remember that drones tend to be more aware than humans, so plan your movements accordingly.

Always turn off your optical camo before it is completely drained so it can start recharging sooner.