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Hello Ghosts! Today we’ve got a rather unique rifle to review in Ghost Recon Breakpoint: The VSK-50!

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With that out of the way, let’s get into the details of the VSK-50!

The VSK-50, which you get when you reach level 40, has solid range and damage. It’s range is comparable to the L115A3 or Scorpio, and damage-wise it’ll destroy a Landscape Mk. II with 12 shots. While it may not be as good as the HTI, BMG, Scorpio or TAC-50, this damage level is enough to take out most standard enemies in one shot even when detected, and take out a helicopter easily.

When it comes to sound detection, that massive suppressor manages to edge out a 17m detection radius when suppressed. Without the suppressor you’re looking at 207m detection range, but it should be noted there is a bug that can cause the suppressor to not be able to attach again, so I’d suggest sticking with the suppressed version!

There isn’t much you can do equipment wise. You’ve got the standard optics, underbarrel, suppressor and side rail, but no extended magazine, so be prepared to reload a lot in firefights.

Besides all that this rifle is another unique one, especially since it’s now among the few that have an optic it can pair with allowing you to have a nice bullet drop compensator: The RU Long-Range FOV Sight.

If you can get past the horrible sight picture with the massive suppressor this rifle has, as of recording this review, the VSK-50 is the only one that has a bullet drop pattern that can line up with an RU optic consistently enough as long as you don’t have ballistic advantage enabled.

I spent a fair amount of time attempting to make use of this combo, and my only complaint is the reticle on this optic is a little challenging to work with compared to the evenly-spaced TARS101. Of course, with practice this could potentially become a solid choice for snipers in Ghost Recon Breakpoint if you prefer Russian designs in your weaponry.