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Hello Ghosts! Finally, we have the long-awaited review of a DMR that has been wish-listed for numerous Ghost Recon Breakpoint players for some time now: The M110.

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Range-wise, the M110 is in the upper tier, about on-par with the SVD & OTS 3, and damage-wise it took 28 shots to destroy a Landscape Mk. II with just slightly more damage than the G28.

Full DMR bullet drop and damage chart as of reviewing the M110

Regarding sound detection range, you’ll be heard at 19 meters suppressed and 195 meters unsuppressed. This isn’t anything special here, and is pretty much the norm for non-scout-variant DMRs within a 5-10 meter area.

As far as attachments go the M110 allows for quite a variety of customization options, including barrel length, muzzles, underbarrel, optics, magazines, rail, and even the butt stock.

What makes the M110 interesting, besides the unique suppressed sound, is that it’s bullet drop pattern works well with the VC16 optic when you don’t use Ballistic Advantage and you equip a range finder with the standard barrel. You can see the pattern here up to 500 meters:

The M110 with the VC-16 optic and recommended equipment

Overall, the M110 serves the DMR role well and has a fair amount of versatility, although at longer ranges you may struggle a bit with it. What I can’t get past, however, is the unique suppressed sound. I haven’t been out to a range in forever, and I live in a state where suppressors aren’t available for civilian use, but it just sounds.. Off to me. Of course, this is in comparison to the other rifles in-game. If you’ve shot an M110 or similar rifle build suppressed in the real world, please share your experience in the comments below!


  • Matt says:

    Suppressors honestly don’t drop the decibel levels by much. Any supersonic round is still very loud even through a Suppressor. My .300 blk subs are quiet enough that ear pro isn’t required.

    • wfl says:

      Yeah, with the right cal it’s definitely safe to go w/o ear pro, but most (.223, 308 etc) are much too loud even with suppressors and subsonic ammo.

      Just really weirded out by the sound the M110 makes suppressed.. It’s cartoonish (in a game where suppressors are already pretty cartoonish). I live in a state that doesn’t let civilians possess suppressors, however, so I have no real frame of reference for myself.

      • nvmyers says:

        I remember m110 sounded very similar in arma 2.

        Arma 2 was a pretty impressive simulator 10 years ago. Makes me wonder if there is some reason to the sound.

        • wfl says:

          Interesting. I never played Arma 2 myself; I actually didn’t get into Arma until 3.

          Just checked some Arma 2 gameplay videos; while the sound is a bit unique, it is a somewhat far cry (badump-tss) from the pitch-rich tone of Breakpoint’s. Recognizable, though.

  • HeavyHawk says:

    The M110 with the range finder has nice bullet drop numbers with the Dual Range scope as well. You can check it and other rifle combos out on my app below.

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