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Hey there Ghosts! It’s time for one last weapon review from the Motherland DLC in Ghost Recon Breakpoint: The SR-3M Scout.

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The SR-3M Scout is an AR to DMR conversion rifle. That typically means low damage and range in exchange for a high rate of fire and low recoil compared to other DMRs. Range-wise, the SR-3M Scout sits at the low end of DMR range, even when considering the fact that it’s a scout variant. Damage is also 3rd from the lowest damage when compared to all DMRs.

All DMRs with damage and bullet drop as of 11/24/2021

When it comes to detection range the SR-3M Scout has a serious advantage: The built-in suppressor, which can’t be removed, makes it so you’ve got to be within 10 meters of an enemy in order to be detected, which is lower than some submachine guns.

For attachments you’ve got the standard magazine – with only the standard and small mag available – side rail, optics, stock and underbarrel to play with.

Optics-wise, nothing really stands out here; you can somewhat get away with a VC-16 optic with ballistic advantage and a range finder as a makeshift bullet drop compensator reticle, but it’s not as good as the MK-17 Scout with the TARS101 when comparing conversion rifles.

One aspect of the SR-3M scout that’s interesting is that they actually modelled the ballistics as if it were firing subsonic rounds. The thought didn’t even occur to me when I was discussing the rifle with friends until someone mentioned the idea; the travel time for rounds with this rifle is significantly longer when compared to other rifles in Breakpoint.

So, as far as usefulness goes, I’ll call the rifle “interesting”, but not something I’d recommend unless you personally prefer it and like the additional challenges that come with using it. If you really want to use a conversion rifle, I’d suggest the MK-17 Scout over this one.